Opening Windows on Skills
Training, Curriculum, Learning Recognition, Mentorship


REFRAMED LEARNING CONCEPTS (RLC) is discontinuing its website on February 17, 2019. We thank you for your business and encourage you to connect with Ann Pedersen at Ann will be happy to discuss your needs.


Reframed Learning Concepts has several years’ experience in training and development, curriculum design, learning recognition, and mentorship.

Reframed Learning Concepts collaborates with organizations wishing to establish efficient and effective models to identify skills and abilities of existing and potential staff, assess them against standards, and provide learning opportunities to fill any learning differences or learning gaps.

Reframed Learning Concepts has gained respect for leadership in development of innovative curriculum design methods, training delivery, learning assessment frameworks that incorporate recognition of prior learning and qualifications recognition, skills inventories, and professional portfolio development.

Reframed Learning Concepts' clients include business, regulatory bodies, educational institutions, sector councils, government departments and agencies, and individuals.

Reframed Learning Concepts believes that learning occurs in all areas of life. That learning (informal and non-formal) can be applied to many workplace situations and can be assessed.


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